Course Fees for the Little Rock Digital Learning Center.

The course fee for a 3 or 4-week class is  $60.00 (includes a manual).  Cost for Workshops vary from $20 - $35 depending on the number of sessions and if a manual or handout is included with the workshop.

Parking is conveniently located in front of the Institute on Aging.  Each computer class described below consists of six or eight one and one-half or two-hour classes, meeting twice a week for three or four weeks.


Computer Classes

Computer Basics
This is a basic introduction to computers for those who do not have previous experience. How to turn on the computer, beginning keyboarding, learning finger motions with mouse operations, point and click, minimize, restore, and close.  Students get computer hands-on time in using e-mail and an introduction to the Internet.

Intermediate Computers
This is an intermediate computer course for individuals who currently own a computer with Windows 10 operating system, and have some basic computer skills. The course includes an overview of Windows, an introduction to word processing, an overview of File Explorer, Windows Mail, Windows Photos and other activities.

Microsoft Word (Word Processing)
This course provides basic instruction in word processing utilizing Microsoft Office Word 2016. Objectives include creating, opening, printing, and saving documents; spelling and grammar checks; font type, size & color; bullet and number lists; copying, cutting and pasting text; setting margins; setting tabs; forwarding word documents as attachments; saving Word documents as PDF files; inserting WordArt, graphics and photos into documents; creating newsletters, flyers, directories, and labels.

Basic Spreadsheet using Excel
A spreadsheet is an electronic version of a paper statement that performs calculations automatically. Learn the basic essentials of design and formatting spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel 2016.  Work with formatting workshops, moving information, using fill commands, calculating, and other functions. This tool can make reporting, listing, and creating statements much easier. Learn how this tool can help you!

Interested in finding out more about yourfamiily tree?  The 8-session Genealogy class is centered on theFamily Tree Maker 2017 software.  The lessons include:

  • How to begin researching your family's legacy
  • Keeping track of your information sources 
  • Using the faded photo repair tool
  • Color coding to trace specific ancestor lines
  • How to print charts, reports, or a book
  • Sharing your genealogy with others

All You Wanted to Know about Your iPad and iPhone
This course will teach you everything you need to know about your iPhone or iPad.  The course meets twice a week for three weeks.  Each session lasts 1 one and one-half hours.  Items covered will include device geography, setting up and using your iPhone/iPad, texting and typing on your iPhone/iPad, email, e-readers, camera, Safari, Photo app and a variety of other miscellaneous items.  Attendees must be able to download iOS 11 on their iPad or iPhone to attend the class which means iPhones must be at least a 5S or newer. A detailed manual is included in the course fee.


Special Workshops

The DLC periodically offers special workshops. Workshops include a variety of topics and typically consist of one to three sessions. Some of our workshops are listed below:

  • Google Photos – Learn how to automatically and instantly back up all photos and videos that you take on your smart-phone, tablet or upload from your desktop computer to Google Photos. It’s free and available for MAC and Windows desktops, smart phones (both iPhone and Androids) and tablets (iPads and Androids). Workshop consists of two 2-hour sessions and costs $30.00 (Manual included)
  • Facebook – Learn how Keep in touch with family and friends, post photos of grandchildren, trips, etc., share important information, Copy/exchange recipes and Enjoy “tips” shared by others. Workshop consists of a 1 ½ hour session and cost is $20,00 (Includes Handout).
  •   Basic Computer Maintenance – Learn about anti-viruses, defragmentation, checking your hard drive for errors, removing temporary files, disk cleanup, emptying the recycle bin, deleting your browsing history and much more.  Workshop consists of a single 2-hour session and costs $25 (includes manual).
  •  Online Banking and Shopping – learn how to shop online safely, how to use strong passwords, bank online safely, set up an online bank account, transfer money between accounts, reconcile your account, credit card alerts, using credit or debit and more.  Workshop consists of two - 2-hour sessions and costs $25 (includes handout).
  • File Management Learn how to manage your files and folders, create folders and subfolders, delete folders, move folders and subfolders, transfer files between files and folders and much more.  Workshop consists of two - 2-hour sessions and costs $25 (includes manual).
  • Mail Merge using Microsoft Word – Learn how to use a “simple wizard” to merge names and addresses onto address labels labels. Workshop consists of two - 2-hour sessions and costs $25 (includes manual).
  • One-on-One Computer Support - Would you like a personal consultation with a PC professional to discuss software-related issues (Windows, Office, antivirus, file storage, backing up, etc.)?   Bring your laptop, smartphone, tablet or use one of the computers in the DLC classroom. Cost is $25 for a one-on-one fifty minute session.
  •  iPhone Texting - A One Session (two hour) Workshop - Learn how to:
    • Send Group Messages
    • Send messages with effects and expressions
    • Send messages with photos and videos and GIF images
    • Save photos and videos in your text message
    • Forward and delete messages
    • Place your cursor in a text message
    • Create a distribution list for texting
    • Use dictation to create messages
    • Use Siri to create and send a text message

Cost for the one session (two hour) workshop is $25.00 (includes manual).


In addition to the instructors for the classes, Little Rock Digital Learning Center provides one or two coaches for each class to assist anyone that needs a little extra help.