Little Rock Digital Learning Center Mission Statement

The Little Rock Digital Learning Center is a non-profit organization providing computer technology skills to adult students.  We are located in the Reynolds Institute on Aging on the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences campus in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our volunteers have many years’ of experience in teaching adults the ability to understand digital technology and to enable them to share their newly found knowledge and wisdom with others.  Through our volunteer instructors and coaches we support their development and expand their computer literacy skills through classes and workshops on the latest technology environment offered.




How Does It Work in Central Arkansas?

The  Little Rock Digital Learning Center volunteers, older adults already familiar with computer operations, teach other adults, many of whom have never worked with a computer.  The volunteers conduct training classes for students covering basic computers, intermediate computers, word processing, excel spreadsheets, plus provide instruction in software programs for genealogy and graphics.

Little Rock DLC volunteers learn and teach others how to use computers to accomplish a variety of tasks. They learn to desktop publish anything from a newsletter to an autobiography, manage personal records, and communicate with others across the country and the world through Internet programs such as Email and Facebook. DLC students share a desire to continue learning and a willingness to contribute their knowledge to others.


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